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Mid-term break

Published on by Anton Dahlström

We, link the students of UNSW, sickness have currently been granted a one week autumn break; or mid-term break as it is also called. Even thought the general study tempo is quite a bit lower than I am used to, it is still nice to get some time of. I have spent the beginning of […]

Settling in

Published on by Anton Dahlström

I’ve been in Australia more than a month now. Wow, time flies! I had a bit of a problem finding a place to stay in the beginning, which was a bit stressful. Now, I have got a room in a four-bed house about 5 minutes from the UNSW campus, so it worked itself out quite […]

When things don’t really work out

Published on by Anton Dahlström

Soo, these couple of weeks have been quite… well, complex? Tedious? Difficult? Random? Surprising? Read the following post to find out why; warning: it’s quite long. I have been looking for place to live for at least this semester since I came to Sydney; both short term and long term. I’ve had trouble with both. […]