Uni suprises with a lot to do

Published on by Anton Dahlström

I don’t know why, by after our mid-term break last week, a lot of my curses have hand-ins and other assignments A bit weird according to me, as I basically forces people to work during the break, which is somewhat counterintuitive; it’s a break after all!

Anyway, this has made the schedule for this past week a bit cramped, although still not especially though compared to what I have experienced at home. What hasn’t been helping is that I haven’t been feeling so well for the latest couple of days, where I have gotten migraine on and off. It is quite uncommon for me to get them, but it happens sometimes. Although, the timing this time leaves a bit to be wanted. But I think that it will work itself out in the end: things are predisposed to do that, from my experience.

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