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I have spent some time the previous weeks updating things on the blog. Strangely enough, tadalafil an what is quite common for web development, sales is that these changes are not something which is very noticeable. The main thing I have done is making the site even more responsive so that it is easier to read on a mobile device.

There is a trend today that new sites should try to cater to the needs of the mobile users, as visitors are more likely to be using a mobile device compared to a desktop today. In development terms, this strategy is called “mobile first”. I did the same thing when I first created this site about nine months ago, but as I do not have high targets when it comes to traffic to this blog (which can be abstracted from the number of posts so far), I mostly did it as a chance to learn more about responsive web design. Responsive web design is a method where you try to create one website that responds and changes depending on which device you are using. I will explain how for the technically savvy people out there: I have used media queries in my css to adapt the layout of the page.

Now, I have further refined how this works on the site, and removed some of the device specific bugs that I have found myself (most regarding viewports and browser defaults getting in the way). I also added some links to social media (SVG-fromat!). Why have I done this? Because it is quite entertaining! Even though the return on the invested time might seem small, I learnt something while doing it, which in my eyes makes it worth all the time in the world.

[Update: 2014-04-14]
So, I spent even more time adding a prefetch method to all posts on the front page today. That was also interesting, as I got the chance to do a bit of tinkering in JS/jQuery to make it work properly! I tried to use only PHP in the beginning, but as WordPress loop construction is a bit restrictive (or rather PHP is), I decided to try the JS approach instead.

Another thing that I managed to do was to create a new responsive menu for mobile devices. Now, you will be faced with a common Hamburger Menu. Actually quite simple to do with a checkbox-trick in CSS.

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