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I’ve been in Australia more than a month now. Wow, time flies!

I had a bit of a problem finding a place to stay in the beginning, which was a bit stressful. Now, I have got a room in a four-bed house about 5 minutes from the UNSW campus, so it worked itself out quite OK in the end. I’m happy with that. School is rolling along as well; currently, we’re at the start of week four. That means that I have already experienced almost 20% of the total time I will spend at UNSW. Time really flies! It has been great thus far though.

But, the things I have enjoyed the most is wandering around in Sydney and just looking at things. It was a really long time since I had time to spend on doing such things, so it is something that I really appreciate a great deal. I have also brought my camera during my walks and, well, to put it briefly, I have taken quite a lot of photographs. ALSO something that I haven’t really had time to do in the past year. I have also started running again. All in all: I feels good. I am not quite up to speed with editing the images, but here is a sneak peak of an image that I took at Bondi Beach last weekend.

Bondi Beach at night

Bondi Beach

Of course, I am a bit to restless to stop doing stuff, so I study a bit too much, have started to take a course in Machine Learning, spend time reading old classics on my kindle (recently finished Les Misérables – an incredible book). I’m also planning and sketching a bit for an app idea that I have, which will hopefully be released at some point in the future.

That’s that for now!

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