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Published on by Anton Dahlström

I have added a new radial menu to the share buttons! I used this post as an inspiration, no rx which I originally found with the help of this site.

It took some time in order to realize how it was made, viagra but I think it was worth it in the end! The link will be shown on every post and page in order to make it easier to share. If you want to know more about how it was created, .

The menu was created using only CSS3; no JavaScript was used! It is not yet tested on all devices and browsers, but I will work towards making it accessible on most platforms. Although, going with my original thought about the design of this site, I will not make every feature availale on all possible combinations of browsers and platforms. This is because I belive that the majority of people who will visit my site will use the most recent browsers, and simply because the time that would be required.

But, now for the acutal creation of the button!

The basic structure of the button is as follows:<a class="ctrl" rel="nofollow" title="Share!" tabindex="99">Link</a>
<ul class="radial-menu">
<li class="slice">
<a href="" title="Share on Facebook" rel="nofollow">Entry</a>
<li class="slice">
<a href="" title="Share on Twitter" rel="nofollow">Entry</a>

After this initial declaration, the rest is CSS-styling. I would recommend that you check out the full Stack Overflow-post, as this goes a long way in explaining it thuroughly. The main thing to remember, is that web pages cannot really handle complex shapes very well, so the bent circles are constructued by using a border radius and skewing different boxes.

Hopefully, these kind of hack will go away in the future, and a proper support for shapes will be provided to developers!

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